Intestinal Research
‘Intestinal Research’ (Intest Res) is the joint official publication of the Asian Organization for Crohn's and Colitis (AOCC), Chinese Society of IBD (CSIBD), Japanese Society for IBD (JSIBD), Korean Association for the Study of Intestinal Diseases (KASID), Taiwan Society of IBD (TSIBD) and Colitis Crohn's Foundation (India) (CCF, india).
The aim of the Journal is to provide broad and in-depth analysis of intestinal diseases, especially inflammatory bowel disease, which shows increasing tendency and significance.As a Journal specialized in clinical and translational research in gastroenterology, it encompasses multiple aspects of diseases originated from the small and large intestines.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 325~505
The importance of immunization in immune-mediated inflammatory disease cannot be overstated
Sang Hyoung Park
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 325-326 PDF
Focused Review: Colorectal Cancers
Genetic and epigenetic alterations of colorectal cancer
Sung Noh Hong
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 327-337 PDF
Intestinal microbiota, chronic inflammation, and colorectal cancer
Chan Hyuk Park, Chang Soo Eun, Dong Soo Han
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 338-345 PDF
Impact of microbiota in colorectal carcinogenesis: lessons from experimental models
Linda Chia-Hui Yu, Shu-Chen Wei, Yen-Hsuan Ni
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 346-357 PDF
Serrated neoplasia pathway as an alternative route of colorectal cancer carcinogenesis
Soon Young Kim, Tae Il Kim
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 358-365 PDF
What’s app? Electronic health technology in inflammatory bowel disease
Alissa Walsh, Simon Travis
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 366-373 PDF
Delineating inflammatory bowel disease through transcriptomic studies: current review of progress and evidence
Seow-Neng Chan, Eden Ngah Den Low, Raja Affendi Raja Ali et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 374-383 PDF
Original Articles
β-(1,3)-Glucan derived from Candida albicans induces inflammatory cytokines from macrophages and lamina propria mononuclear cells derived from patients with Crohn’s disease
Kiyoto Mori, Makoto Naganuma, Shinta Mizuno et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 384-392 PDF
Immunohistochemical differentiation between chronic enteropathy associated with SLCO2A1 gene and other inflammatory bowel diseases
Satoko Yamaguchi, Shunichi Yanai, Shotaro Nakamura et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 393-399 PDF
Nonimmunity against hepatitis B virus infection in patients newly diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease
Seong Jae Yeo, Hyun Seok Lee, Byung Ik Jang et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 400-408 PDF
The association between new generation oral contraceptive pill and the development of inflammatory bowel diseases
Santosh Sanagapalli, Yanna Ko, Viraj Kariyawasam et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 409-415 PDF
The incidence and risk factors of venous thromboembolism in Japanese inpatients with inflammatory bowel disease: a retrospective cohort study
Katsuyoshi Ando, Mikihiro Fujiya, Yoshiki Nomura et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 416-425 PDF
Original Articles
Selective M1 macrophage polarization in granuloma-positive and granuloma-negative Crohn’s disease, in comparison to intestinal tuberculosis
Prasenjit Das, Ritika Rampal, Sonakshi Udinia et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 426-435 PDF
What nutritional factors influence bone mineral density in Crohn’s disease patients?
Fernanda Gomes Coqueiro, Raquel Rocha, Camilla Almeida Menezes et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 436-444 PDF
Magnetic resonance enterography predicts the prognosis of Crohn’s disease
Ji Hoon Lee, Yong Eun Park, Nieun Seo et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 445-457 PDF
Risk factors for severity of colonic diverticular hemorrhage
Ken Kinjo, Toshiyuki Matsui, Takashi Hisabe et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 458-466 PDF
Clinical significance of carcinoembryonic antigen in peritoneal fluid detected during operation in stage I-III colorectal cancer patients
Jae Hyun Kim, Seunghun Lee, Seung Hyun Lee et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 467-474 PDF
Histologic discrepancy between endoscopic forceps biopsy and endoscopic mucosal resection specimens of colorectal polyp in actual clinical practice
Moon Joo Hwang, Kyeong Ok Kim, A Lim Kim et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 475-483 PDF
Case Reports
Successful remission of ulcerative colitis flare-up during pregnancy with adsorptive granulomonocytapheresis plus tacrolimus
Tomoyoshi Shibuya, Keiichi Haga, Masato Kamei et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 484-488 PDF
Enteric infections complicating ulcerative colitis
Dejan Micic, Ayal Hirsch, Namrata Setia et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 489-493 PDF
Brief Communication
Effect of elemental diet combined with infliximab dose escalation in patients with Crohn’s disease with loss of response to infliximab: CERISIER trial
Tadakazu Hisamatsu, Reiko Kunisaki, Shiro Nakamura et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 494-498 PDF
Corrigenda and Errata
Corrigendum: Tofacitinib induction and maintenance therapy in East Asian patients with active ulcerative colitis: subgroup analyses from three phase 3 multinational studies
Satoshi Motoya, Mamoru Watanabe, Hyo Jong Kim et al.
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 499-501 PDF
Letters to the Editor
Surveillance colonoscopy in patients with sessile serrated adenoma
Ji Hyung Nam, Hyoun Woo Kang
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 502-503 PDF
Images of the Issue
Cytomegalovirus colitis in immunocompetent patients
Jae Ho Park, Hee Seok Moon
Intest Res 2018; 16(3): 504-505 PDF