Behçet’s disease with multiple splenic abscesses in a child
Kyung In Lim, Dong Hwa Yang, Eell Ryoo
Department of Pediatrics, Gachon University Gil Hospital, Incheon, Korea
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Received: May 31, 2016; Revised: August 31, 2016; Accepted: September 12, 2016; Published online: February 21, 2017.
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We report the case of a 5-year-old male patient with multiple aseptic splenic abscesses associated with Behçet’s disease. The patient visited our hospital with fever, abdominal pain, and acute watery and bloody diarrhea, and reported a 2-year history of chronic abdominal pain and intermittent watery diarrhea. He was treated with antibiotics at a local clinic for fever and cervical lymph node swelling. Additionally, he had recurrent stomatitis. A colonoscopy showed multiple well-demarcated ulcerations throughout the colon, and abdominal computed tomography showed multiple splenic abscesses. Pathergy and HLA-B51 tests were positive. Investigations did not reveal any infectious organisms in the aspirate obtained via ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. After steroid treatment, all symptoms and multiple aseptic splenic abscesses resolved. However, oral ulcers, genital ulcers, and abdominal pain recurred after tapering the steroids. Infliximab treatment improved the patient’s symptoms. However, 5 months after the treatment, the symptoms recurred. The treatment was changed to include adalimumab. Subsequently, the patient’s symptoms resolved and colonoscopic findings improved. No recurrence was noted after 3 months of follow-up.
Keywords: Behcet syndrome; Spleen; Abscess; Pediatrics

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